Highest-ever record cargo handled at Paradip Port Trust

Highest-ever record cargo handled at Paradip Port Trust


The Paradip Port Trust (PPT) handled the highest-ever record cargo of 61.84 million tonnes (MT) till February 2014 in the current fiscal as compared to 51.41 MT of cargo handled during the corresponding period of the previous year. This is an increase of 20.27 per cent over the traffic handled in the corresponding of the last financial year and 6.98 per cent higher over the target
fixed for the period. The PPT has handled 5.18 MT of cargo in February 2014. Similarly, 2.28 MT cargo was exported and 2.90 MT cargo was imported through the Port in the same month. A record quantity of 2,54,798 tonnes of limestone was imported in February last surpassing the previous record of 2,44,609 tonnes achieved in March 2013. A record quantity of 32,205 tonnes of coke breeze was imported in February 2014 surpassing the previous record of 29,326 tonnes in December 2012. Thermal coal traffic has exhibited a growth of 19.03 per cent up to February of 2013-2014 fiscal. Similarly POL traffic has increased by 6.52 per cent, iron ore traffic 222.46 per cent, coking coal 39.87 per cent and other cargo traffic grew by 11.15 per cent compared to the same period of the previous year. The Port has retained the second highest position in terms of cargo handled and also in terms of percentage of growth in traffic amongst all the major ports till the February-end. The average turnaround time (Port A/c) up to the month has improved by 12 per cent over the corresponding period of 2012-13 and 10.20 per cent over the target fixed for the year. The average berth-day output up to the month improved by 9.84 per cent over the corresponding period of previous year and 8.71 per cent over the target fixed for the year. Rail borne traffic improved by 5.91 per cent during the month and the same is improved by 28.09 per cent up to the month over the corresponding period of the previous year. The PPT has been conferred with the Global CSR Excellency and Leadership Award by World CSR Congress for best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices at the award given function held in Mumbai on February 18, 2014.

Paradip Port Daily Traffic Report

Sl. No. Traffic Report Title Document
1 Daily Traffic Report for 08/03/14 Download
2 Daily Traffic Report for 07/03/14 Download
3 Daily Traffic Report for 06/03/14 Download
4 Daily Traffic Report for 05/03/14 Download
5 Daily Traffic Report for 04/03/14 Download
6 Daily Traffic Report for 03/03/14 Download
7 Daily Traffic Report for 02/03/14 Download
8 Daily Traffic Report for 01/03/14 Download
9 Daily Traffic Report for 28/02/14 Download
10 Daily Traffic Report for 27/02/14 Download

Facilities at Paradip Port

Paradip is one of the Major Ports of India and late Sri Biju Patnaik, the then Chief Minister of Orissa, is the founder father of Paradip Port. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, laid the foundation stone of the Port on 3rd January 1962 near the confluence of river Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal. Government of India took over the management of the Port from the Government of Orissa on 1st June 1965. The Port was opened to Traffic on 12th March 1966. Government of India declared Paradip as the eighth Major Port of India on 18th April 1966 making it the FIRST MAJOR PORT in the East Coast commissioned after independence.


Approach Channel 9.8 kms Long 300.00 mtrs. Wide (-) 18.7 mtrs. Deep
Entrance Channel 2200.00 mtrs. Long 240.00 mtrs. Wide (-) 17.10 mtrs. Deep
Turning Basin 520.00 mtrs. Diameter.






The Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels above 200 MTs Gross Tonnage. The Pilotage service is available to all vessels during 24 hours and 365 days. The Pilot Boarding ground is about 3 miles SE of Breakwaters. All the vessels have to inform their ETA prior to entering the Port Limits to the Port Signal Station on VHF Channel: 16 / 06. The Port has 3 Nos. Tugs having BP more than 40 Tons and 2 Nos. of port Tugs having BP more than 50 Tons. All the tugs are fitted with fire fighting equipments for external general and oil fire. The Port is having 3 Nos. Pilot Launches having speed more than 10 knots, 02 Nos. pilot lunches having speed of 7 knots and 02 Nos. Mooring Boats are also available for passing the Mooring Lines to the Berth / Jetty.


The Port Complies to all the Regulations of MARPOL 73/78 and has a Pollution Control Cell to monitor the Pollution in the Harbour. The Port has a Pollution Control Vessel with a Skimmer, chemical dispersant spray system and Oil Containment Boom. The Port also has a 300 T Oil Reception Barge. The Port has engaged private firms having permission from Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution Control Board to receive waste / used / oily water from the vessels for re-processing / re-cycling as required by MARPOL 73/78 Annexure-I. The Port has also engaged private firms to collect garbage from the vessels in Port as required by MARPOL 73/78 Annexure-V. The reception facilities for other annexures of MARPOL 73/78 can be arranged by advance notice given by ship owners / local agents.


Adequate fresh water supply services rendered to all vessels at berth through shore connection. All self propelled fresh water barge is available to supply freshwater up to 350 MT at berth and at anchorage.


The Port complies to all National & International Regulations with regard to the Safety of the vessels in Port. In case of Fire, accidental flooding, grounding, collisions, man over board etc., the Port is well equipped to take prompt and immediate action from land as well as from water side. Port has installed CCTV Security Surveillance System as an enhanced security measure. The Port complies to all the requirements of ISPS Code and is having an ISPS Cell in full operation.


Commissioned 12.03.1966
Jetty length 210 mtrs.
Jetty Width 13.75 mtrs.
Distance between Dolphin to Dolphin 320 mtrs.
Maximum LOA of Vessels accepted 260 mtrs.
Maximum Beam of Vessels accepted 40 mtrs.
Draught 13.0 mtrs.
Rated Capacity of the Plant 3000T/Hr.
No. of Bucket Wheel Reclaimers 03 Nos.
Rated Capacity of Reclaimers
No. 1 : 1750 T/Hr.
No.2 : 3000 T/Hr.
No.3 : 3000 T/Hr.
Rated Capacity of Shiploader
No.1 : 3000 T/Hr.
Wagon Tippler ( Rotary Type)
Total Nos. 02 Nos. ( i.e. TP-149 and TP-150)
Rated Capacity 2500 T/Hr
Capacity per Table 25 Wagons/Hr
Annual through-put of the Plant 4.5 Millions Tonnes
Average daily loading 20,000 Tonnes


Port has a total of 08 nos. of general Cargo berths. These berths are multipurpose in nature and generally used by vessels for loading / unloading Thermal Coal, Chrome Ore, Manganese Ore, Iron Ore , Charge Chrome , Ferro Chrome , Ferro Manganese, Steel Coils, Coking Coal, Hard Coke , Iron Ore Pallets, Limestone, Food -Grains , Fertilizer, DBM, Steel Billets, Scrap , Clinkers, Project Cargo etc.

First general cargo berth (EQ-1) Commissioned on 15.04.75
Length 281.00 mtrs.
Draught 11.00 mtrs.
Second general cargo berth (EQ-2) Commissioned on 30.11.84
Length 205.00 mtrs.
Draught 11.00 mtrs
Third general cargo berth (EQ-3) Commissioned on 31.03.85
Length 200.00 mtrs.
Draught 12.50 mtrs.
Fourth general cargo berth (SQ) Commissioned on 31.03.87
Length 265.00 mtrs.
Draught 12.50 mtrs.
Fifth , Sixth and Seventh general cargo berth (CQ-1,2,3) Commissioned between 1995 -2001
to 09/2001
Length 755.0 mtrs.
Draught 14.50 mtrs.
Eighth general cargo berth (MPB) Commissioned on 11.09.2001
Length 235.00 mtrs.
Draught 12.50 mtrs.
Commissioned 29.03.2003
Length Dolphin to Dolphin 360.00 mtrs.
Draught 13.50 mtrs.


Fertilizer Berth No.1 Commissioned on 12.10.1985
Length 250.0 mtrs.
Draught 12.50 mtrs.
Operated by M/s. Paradip Phosphates Ltd. (PPL)
Fertilizer Berth No.2 Commissioned on 01.12.1995
Length 250.0 mtrs.
Draught 12.50 mtrs.
Operated by M/s. Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperatives limited (IFFCO)

There are four Transit Sheds inside and two Warehouses outside the Port prohibited area.

WARE HOUSE AREA (Sq.mtr) Capacity ( in mtr)
Ware House No.I 1711 4000
Ware House No.II 6000 14000
TOTAL 7711 18000
Rail Sidings 822850
Mechanical Ore 105000
Mechanical MCHP 123000
Without Siding 927000
Covered 9111
Concreted 82300
Others 230739
TOTAL 2300000


The Port has at present the following equipment for efficient and smooth loading/unloading operations:

Name of Equipment Nos. Available Capacity ( in MT)
Wharf Cranes 02 20.0
Mobile Harbour Crane 02 100.0
Mobile Harbour Crane 03 60 – 80


The Port has its own Railway system. The route length is 9.8 Kms and track length is 82 Kms. There are 7 nos. of Locomotives to undertake railway operations as indicated below:

1400 BHP 04 (DLW-WDS-6)
1350 BHP 02 (DLW-WDS-6A/D)
3100 BHP 01 ( DLW-WDG-3A)

Port has 25 railway sidings at station capable of handling full rakes of 58 BOX N type of wagons.


Adequate fresh water supply services rendered to all vessels at berth through shore connection. All self propelled fresh water barge is available to supply freshwater up to 350 MT at berth and at anchorage.


The Port has a 500 Ton slipway along with workshop for repair and maintenance of Port crafts and barges. A Wet Basin for Port crafts is available close to the Slipway.

There is a well-equipped Central Workshop for repair and maintenance of Port equipments. This workshop can undertake repair jobs for ships, incase of need.

The dry dock of dimension 75mtrs lengh, 15mtrs width and 11mtrs depth has been constructed at this port to facilitate repairing of crafts. Vessels of (-5.5)mtrs draft can be repaired at paradip


The Port has introduced EDI for all payments made to the port by its users. The concept is to connect the port users, the bank and the port for faster and easier transfer of funds. The ‘single window service’ facility is available at the Port through its Central Documentation Center (CDC).

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