ASR Holdings Ltd. Launches Asia’s First Logistics B2B Air Cargo Booking e-Platform

ASR Holdings Ltd. Launches Asia’s First Logistics B2B Air Cargo Booking e-Platform

ASR Holdings Ltd. Launches Asia’s First Logistics Business-to-Business (B2B) Air Cargo Booking e-Platform


A leading air freight solution provider of air cargo space, has today announced the launch of e-Platform, Asia’s first online business-to-business (B2B) air cargo booking platform, a significant breakthrough for the freight forwarder industry in Asia.

After two years preparation which will be developed in three phases, such Asia’s first-of-its-kind e-platform offers one-stop air cargo booking service for freight forwarders including real-time online quotation, air cargo space reservation and cargo tracking. Customers can promptly obtain the product information online, for instance, airlines, prices, times for delivery and routes, and directly make reservations through the e-Platform. The revolutionary e-Platform booking system is complementary to ASR’s business operations, greatly enhancing its operational efficiency and enables the Group to seize more business opportunities from smaller freight forwarders, broadening its customer base and bringing in additional income streams.

Targeting more than 7,000 potential small-to-mid-sized forwarders in Greater China, the e-Platform is not only available bilingually at the designated website, but also through smart-phone apps in iPhone and Android handsets. This offers an unbeatable convenience to customers who can truly place orders “anytime, anywhere” using an online instant payment system. Having a close business relationship with more than 45 airlines and integrated carriers, ASR has bundled a menu of air routes from different airlines so as to offer its customers the optimal air freight solution at the most competitive price, seamlessly over the internet

Mr. Sunny Yu, Chairman and Executive Director of ASR said, “We are excited to introduce Asia’s first logistics business-to-business air cargo booking e-Platform, a milestone both for our Group and the freight forwarding industry. Our new e-Platform provides an efficient and cost-effective air cargo space reservation process with a wide choice of products to a broad range of freight forwarders in Greater China region. We believe we have created a ‘win-win’ situation for our customers, thereby enhancing our customer base and creating an additional income stream.”

Mr. Richard Mak, CEO, Logistics of ASR, added, “Our dedication to innovation has made e-Platform possible as the first-of-its-kind online air cargo booking portal within two years of our listing. Going forward, we will add more functionality to meet our customers’ needs. The e-Platform strengthens our pioneering and distinctive position in the air cargo industry with the aim to become a leading air freight solution provider in Asia.”

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